Save time registering next Monday, enter your information now. 

As you may know, in an effort to make your show experience better, we are moving all entries to ShowGroundsLive.com. Although many of you have used this platform before, the database of riders and horses is specific to the show you are entering, and they do not currently have the ability to bring up this information for another show. 

What this means is exhibitors are going to have to start from scratch again on the J Bar J site: https://jbarj.showgroundslive.com     

We highly recommend that you enter your information before entries open on the 6th, so your roster of horses and people are saved. Since this is the first time we are using this database, you will need to enter horses and people one at a time, on an entry, from scratch. We know how time consuming this is, and apologize for the inconvenience. ShowGroundsLive.com is working to create a master database where this information can be universal through all show companies but they just are not at that point yet. 

To facilitate this, we have set up a ‘test show.’ Enter it as you would the regular show so all of your information will be saved to our database. This way, your roster of horses and people will be available on a drop-down menu when you are entering the real show, saving a lot of time when entries open June 6th at 8AM.

Do the following with this test show:  

1 – Create a ShowGrounds account if you do not already have one. If you do have one, you can log into the JBARJ page with it 

2 – Add all credit cards to their account that you are going to want to use to secure entries the day the show entries open  

3 – Enter all your horses and people into the test show  

If you need help, this link will provide a list of articles for exhibitors on how to do certain things on our program. Some even have screencasts with the step-by-step instructions.  


If they need immediate support, you can email support@showgroundslive.com OR call 413-625-3177; Please keep in mind that they are on the east coast but will do their best to answer promptly.