The vendor village will be open and there is plenty of space to come watch. Note that event times will be a bit different than pre-covid, particularly the Grand Prix, which will be at 5PM on Saturdays. Ring schedules are available on https://jbarj.showgroundslive.com, they give an estimated time for events. Seating is very limited, particularly during popular events, so if you’d like to sit and watch, be sure to bring a chair.  

Spectators are welcome to come out, grab a meal, shop with our vendors, and enjoy watching the riders!

We appreciate the support of our sponsors and vendors, the Central Oregon community, and everyone who participates in the OHDC. Thank you for helping us carry on our traditions.

There is some limited availability for tables and tickets to the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix events will remain less formal, as we did last year, with a buffet rather than table service. We will still greet you with a glass of champagne and wine will await on the table. Load PDF reservation form here. Contact Pam White for Grand Prix Reservations – events@jbarj.org or 541-410-0033